It will help the laboratory specialist to find the right technique for the mainm the characteristics of interest and the keyword (type of measurement, limits of measurement, as well as contact information about the method developer)
Also, the user can put the technique of interest under control and track its relevance
Among the requirements for laboratories is the use of certified instruments entered in the state register and measurements according to certified methods

The translation of particularly complex, highly specialized drawings is carried out with the involvement of specialist consultants in a particular field, which helps to clarify the names, wording and terms

Oil and gas complexProfessional industry reference system that has no analogues in Russia
It contains the largest collection of regulatory and copyright documents, an index of international standards and a specialized glossary for specialists from oil and gas enterprises
Smart search in just a couple of seconds will find the information you need in full with a 100% guarantee of relevance, backed by the experience of expert practitioners
Access to a complete collection of documents and materials of the oil and gas industry

— tracking changes in documents that are important to you — the system itself will signal you that they have occurred — comparing the revisions of documents and the new with the canceled to understand exactly what changes have occurred — the system will provide you with a complete analysis — tracking important changes in industry legislation — with the system you will always know about documents that are now only drafts – a survey of colleagues on how to interpret a certain provision of the document – a selection of publications in the electronic library and expert advice are already contained in the system, and you will find the answer to your question in seconds – selection of the necessary GOSTs for a certain type of product – a ready-made selection of all GOSTs for any type of product in a convenient tabular version – the service “Systems of standards – tracking changes in requirements for products, processes, technologies
You get a ready-made convenient scheme for changing a regulatory document in the “Standard History” service Avoid fines for non-compliance with deadlines or RTD requirements Find out about changes in requirements in advance and take them into account in a timely manner Do you want to be able to receive personal advice on issues related to the production activities of your enterprise? Our experts will promptly give a detailed answer to your questions, backed up by the norms of legislation and law enforcement practice
Develop or fill out forms of documents and reporting forms faster Thousands of ready-made forms with filling examples Easy and convenient search Smart search recognizes attributes and context, understands abbreviations and professional slang, sorts results by types of information Tasks are solved faster Reduce time to work with ND texts, as well as use ready-made answers from experts Confidence in the correctness of the decision in the most difficult situation meaningful? Is it difficult to understand how to act in a particular situation that you are faced with at work? Refer to the experience of your colleagues, presented in a large volume in the system, or ask an expert a question
Such support ensures that even the most difficult situation that arises in your work will be resolved! Access to a complete collection of documents and materials in all industriestiSystem includes more than 300 thousand legal and regulatory documents, information on international standards, author’s documentation, and a specialized glossary
In addition, the developer fund is always open to you, including more than 10 million documents
A quick and accurate answer to your question Do you find it convenient to search for information on the Internet, but you are far from always sure of its completeness and reliability? Intelligent search in just a couple of seconds will find the information you need in full with a 100% guarantee of relevance, backed by the experience of expert practitioners
Find out exactly which document to follow Analytics, comments and expert experience will help you Consider all the current requirements of technical legislation and the best available technologies new documents and recommendations on your issue The ability to attend the most important industry events at your workplaceReports, presentations, analytical information from the most significant industry events held throughout Russia are included in your system
And with the help of webinars, you can attend many of them, literally without getting up from your workplace