Reports, presentations, analytical information from the most significant industry events held throughout Russia are included in your system
And with the help of webinars, you will be able to attend many of them, literally without getting up from your workplace
Analysis of important changes in legislation
Occupational safety Reference system on the organization of labor protection and the preparation of basic documentation on labor protection, issues of interaction with supervisory and control authorities, investigation and registration of accidents at work and occupational diseases, conducting a special assessment of working conditions
What the system gives: A quick and accurate response to your questionAre you used to looking for information on the Internet, but you are not always sure of its relevance and reliability?Intelligent system search in just a couple of seconds will find the information you need about labor protection in full with a 100% guarantee of relevance, backed up by the experience of expert practitioners
All documents and materials on labor protection

We thank the DDC Technical Translation Bureau for cooperation! We periodically require operational translations from English
And every time we turn to DDC
The peculiarity of our texts is that it is both a technical text, full of specific terminology, and at the same time it is a description of the design of lamps, which must be done with taste

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